Las Palomas Resort

Hospitality At Its Finest

Let’s get done with the definitions first, shall we? Depending on who you ask, who is listening and probably many other factors, hospitality can be anything ranging from a lovely and generous gesture to guests, strangers or visitors, to engaging in the business of entertaining conference delegates, clients or other official visitors.

Here at Las Palomas, we do all that and more. We include revelers, innovators who want to think off that idea they are developing in partnership with BrightEdge and people who for one reason or another find themselves in Puerto Peñasco. If you want to take a break from your everyday exterminator duties are are just looking to lie in the sand or have a dip in the sea, we will ensure that you do so in the best manner possible. If after sharing your experience as a real estate website builder you have made a fortune from your Blog, then it is time to give your girlfriend that befitting wedding proposal that you always knew she deserved. If you are looking for a truly magnificent destination, look no more.

Ours is a beautiful, fun filled resort that offers you not only a fantastic view of the beach from the comfort of your room, but also has all the amenities that you need to feel as good as you can about your stay with us. We would be tempted to use the cliché, “feel at home” but for some people, the very reason they want to go on vacation is to feel anything but at home. They want to test their limits and feel that adrenaline rush through their veins, something that they can possibly not do at home. Well, how about jet skiing in the sea or going on a desert ride? This is as exciting as they come.

We are also perfect for whole family gatherings. If you want to take advantage of your vacation to allow Fox Pest Control fumigate your house and are wondering where to take your kids, what about bringing them along and letting them share in the fun? We have multiple pools, a lazy river that meanders around the pool and a slide for your kids to go down.

We make it our business to make you feel as comfortable as you can and with services that include a swim up bar, fitness center, heated pools, Jacuzzis, golf course, room service and a 24 hour front desk, we have the infrastructure to back our claims. We are excellence redefined and if we were into real estate, then would be very proud to do business with us. The best thing is for you to experience it yourself and see hospitality at its finest.


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