Las Palomas Resort

Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort; an experience of a lifetime

 From Mexico’s sun kissed sandy beaches, the famous Mayan and Aztec sites and to the numerous ancient cities many of which have been preserved as UNESCO World Heritage sites, there is a lot to see in Mexico. Famed the world over for its Tequila and the Corona beer, Mexico is also home to a warm and rich native culture, blended together with a Spanish influence which shows right from our culinary tendencies to our dance and music traditions.

Mexico has also arguably one of the most diverse weather system in the whole world with the tropic of cancer dividing the country into tropical and temperate zones. You are therefore guaranteed to find all what you are looking for, be it the coast where you can remove your oofos sandals and enjoy the warm feeling of sand on your feet, the arid deserts or the tropical rainforests.

Coming closer home, Sonora, one of the 32 Federal entities in Mexico is not to be left behind. Not only is it home to Puerto Penasco where Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort is located, but it also home to some magnificent cities;

  • Nogales, one of the most important entry points for tourists especially from the US gives you the chance to buy something from the numerous curio shops or visit the bars, restaurants and strip clubs while enjoying Mexican cuisine (antojitos) like tacos, tamales, menudo and burritos with carne machaca.
  • Hermosillo, Sonora’s capital city offers you the chance to see the nearby attractions including Bahia de Kino and La Pintada.
  • Guaymas offers you a lot of beaches and a chance to see the Guaymas Harbour.

Finally, welcome to Puerto Penasco, also known as ‘Rocky Point’ and nicknamed ‘Arizona Beach,’ due to the number of Arizonans who flock here on weekends, perhaps to spend some of the money earned from their Excida hosted websites. With our easy bookings, you have a chance to stay at one of our luxurious rooms, enjoy our private beach or simply laze around in the pool, complete with a pool bar. This, together with the chance taste our specially made meals should provide you with enough incentive to make Las Palomas your vacation destination

Not only can you mingle with the locals and buy the numerous cheap items on offer, but you can also hike to the dunes, experience the craters, go to the Cet-Mar aquarium, go on a romantic cruise, ride the All-Terrain Vehicles in the desert, do a mountain bike trail, enjoy the sunset with some cocktails or eat something at the  harbor as you buy your loved ones some souvenirs. If you still want to contact your real estate website builder or order something from TheInsoleStore, don’t worry as we have wireless internet connection. Other amenities on offer include a golf course and a fitness center,

We look forward to welcoming you to Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort.