Las Palomas Resort

Puerto Penasco’s finest


Did you know that our city is so special it had to have two names?

Known as Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point, the city is home to a vibrant people and some of the best sun kissed beaches in the world. Right from 1826 when Robert William Hale wandered off our coast searching for precious metals and pearls, to the modern era where you can stroll down the street in your oofos sandals and mingle freely with the energy filled vendors, Puerto Penasco continues to offer numerous moments of cheer to everyone who sets foot in her.

What a wonderful decision it would be to take some time off admiring your real estate website design, bring your family down the coast, lie in the sand, swim in the ocean and take numerous selfies, which of course you can upload in your famlu family website and share to the whole world.

At Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort, we redefine the term ‘value for money’ from your money clips, giving you and your loved ones state of the art services. Right in front of the beach, the resort provides you with numerous fun activities including a pool with a lazy river slide and a pool bar where you can order all your favorite drinks including the world renowned Tequila and Corona beer. Couple this with a chance to taste some of the best Mexican cuisines and you will not be surprised why we rank highly in every SEO blog or why numerous fun seekers from all walks of life be it celebrities, SEO Company bosses, politicians, executives with business card holders or simply lovebirds on an adventurous trip, will easily tell you that we are Puerto Penasco’s finest when it comes to hospitality.

Our rooms are magnificently furnished and include balconies that provide a fantastic view of the sea of Cortez, allowing you to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and observe the sunset right from the comfort of your room. If you are thinking of a place to propose to the love of your life or simply a romantic getaway, look no more.

What’s even more, we are a favorite destination for wedding and birthday parties and pride ourselves in playing a part in bringing a smile to all of our customers. With abundant underground parking, room service, ATM and wireless internet connection, you never need to break a sweat to get all you need. If you want to keep fit, we have a well-equipped gym but if you are the outdoors type, feel free to also grab a pair of shoes, put some comfortable insoles and enjoy strolling by the harbor as you look for some souvenirs to take to your family or friends.

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