Las Palomas Resort


Las Palomas Resort

Come Experience Las Palomas Oceanfront Paradise

Las Palomas Resort is a beautiful resort to stay at. The pool with a lazy river and slide are fun to be in and it offers easy beach access. There is a walk up pool bar in the resort which offers multiple delicious drinks and many different meals to its visitors. There is a shower to wash off before coming up to your condo or going in the pool. There are many lawn chairs that you can lay out in and get a tan. The balcony offers a great view of the Sea of Cortez and the space out on the balcony is perfect for the whole family to sit around and watch the sun go down or to have dinner outside. Las Palomas Resort is one of the newest resorts; it is white and right in front of the beach. The resort has a restaurant in the lobby that is well known for its delicious foods. Weddings and birthday parties are held here and Las Palomas Resort makes sure your special day is perfect. A wedding on the beach is recommended when staying at this resort. Along the beach, vendors sell everything from jewelry to mangos! Mangos are a delicious treat for the entire family! Jet skis are rented along the beach and you can rent them for an hour or two and ride them in Sea with a friend. Building sand castles is always a fun thing to do in Rocky Point. The Sea is always perfect temperature and almost everyone is eager to jump in and everyone always enjoys a swim in the Sea of Cortez.

Our Beautiful Las Palomas Resort

When choosing a vacation spot don’t hesitate to make a reservation at Las Palomas Rocky Point! This hotel is perfect for the entire family. It offers a pool with a slide and lazy river, bar, and a beach front view for the entire family to enjoy. This resort is one of Rocky Points newest resorts and is located right in the center of the beach where all the other well known resorts are. Reservations at Las Palomas Rocky Point are easy to make. There are many ways you can make a reservation, you can call, mail in, email, or make a reservation on line. Each way is always made convenient for the customers.

Las Palomas Rocky Point

Las Palomas is a beautiful Resort where you can enjoy your vacation. This hot vacation spot is one of the newest resorts on Playa Bonita. There are multiple pools you can relax in, with a lazy river that raps around the pool, as well as a slide for kids to go down. If you are planning a vacation of realization to get away from your home town, don’t give it a second thought and come to Las Palomas.